See what customers say about us

See what customers say
Shawmut Communications, Danvers
— "Thank you for the EZ install – The machine is running smooth."
Lighthouse Accounting,Beverly
— "I highly recommend CRG & the Konica program to clients. The savings is about $2,500 per year."
Garrick Santos Landscaping,Wilmington
— "Great job on the Konica copier – Love the VIP service."
VIDA REAL Church, Somerville
— "Thank you for the Konica BIZ HUB C364e – We are very happy with faster speed!"
Tedesco Law Of ces, Woburn
— "We have been very satis ed as a long term client (3 years.) The print quality is superb."
Respiratory Motion, Waltham
— "To CRG, We all LOVE our Konica BIZ HUB. We will recommend you to clients & friends."
ReMax, Medford
— "Glen, the Biz Hub Service is outstanding."
City of Malden
— "Thank you for the rush. Same day service!"
SeqLL, Woburn
— "Dear Glen, We love the 2 Biz HUB copiers great combination of sales and solid service."